King Cronic - Who We Are! | Yelm, WA cannabis dispensary

Who We Are!

King Cronic's roots trace all the way back to the wild west days of medicinal cannabis when two brothers with a gift of growing medical cannabis decided to share their talents and passion with the medical cannabis community. 

In 2014, cannabis became recreationally legal in the state of Washington; ushering in a new revolution and sending shockwaves through the cannabis community, but also signaling an end to medical cannabis as we all knew it. 

In 2016, King Cronic started in a tiny building in Grand Mound, WA. Aspired for bigger things for the shop, by the end of 2017, King Cronic relocated to Yelm, WA, becoming the first recreational cannabis store in the city of Yelm. Following a family tragedy, the original owners decided to retire from the cannabis industry and start a new chapter of their lives. 

The current owner is a four-time business entrepreneur, determined to grow King Cronic as the appetite for cannabis grows in Washington State. 

At King Cronic, we've always prided ourselves on being family-owned and operated, employees and customers alike are always treated like family at King Cronic. Our Budtenders have years of experience and are knowledgeable and will always help you find the product you want and need.  Whether you are looking to have a good time with friends, or need something to ease your arthritic joints, King Cronic has what you need, and you are most welcome to ask for our budtender selection; also, they will often give you a pleasant surprise!